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Making Carbon Fiber Wheels: Inside Koenigsegg Video

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The automotive Carbon Fiber wheel is a new trend that seems to be catching on with ultra-high performance vehicles. Though, Carbon Fiber wheels have been around for some time on applications other than automobiles, it is still relatively new thing. There are just a couple companies that actually make true carbon fiber wheels, which are said to be about 40% lighter than the lightest forged aluminum wheel available for an automobile. Not to mention, a carbon fiber wheel is slightly stronger than a comparable forged aluminum wheel.

At Koenigsegg, they pride themselves in being one of the couple manufacturers of carbon fiber wheels where they perform the task all in-house to create wheels capable of 280+ mph without the vibrations or additional unsprung weight you may exhibit from the best forged aluminum wheel around. Check out the video of founder Christian von Koenigsegg explaining the build process and exclusivity of Carbon Fiber wheels.


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