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BMW Concept Touring Coupe Brings Us A Modern-Day Z4-Inspired Clown Shoe

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BMW Concept Touring Coupé

BMW has received a lot of flak due to some of the new designs starting with the “interesting” grilles and leading up to the acquired taste of the new XM SUV. While many of those design elements aren’t received so well across the board, BMW still has a powerhouse in the design area as they bring us a new Z4-based BMW Concept Touring Coupe, which looks to be the return of the Clown Shoe. Many enthusiasts are already raving about this vehicle, and they want BMW to urgently build it before they revert to a full lineup of electric vehicles.

What exactly is this new BMW Concept Touring Coupe? Great question. Check out all the details below as we continue to wonder if BMW will actually build this vehicle – we sure hope so!

The BMW Concept Touring Coupé is making its world premiere at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023, showcasing a unique and captivating design. This closed two-seater car, developed for one-off production, pays homage to the timeless allure of BMW classics while introducing innovative features.

The exterior of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé presents a reimagined body shape inspired by elegant sports cars, incorporating a shooting brake concept. The car’s rear end is a standout design feature, sculpted from the flowing contours of the roof, seamlessly merging with the rear side panels. This accentuates the vehicle’s athletic shoulders, while the flat rear window and defined body surfaces enhance its solid stance. From the side, the shooting-brake proportions are evident, with a long bonnet, streamlined roof contours, and a powerful rear section contributing to a distinctive two-box design. The elongated side window graphic, along with the Hofmeister kink and flared rear wheel arches, underscore its sporty elegance.

The BMW Concept Touring Coupé is finished in Sparkling Lario exterior paintwork, specially created for this model. The grey-brown hues, infused with embedded flakes of blue glass, create a unique sense of depth. Silver-bronze accents and the specially designed BMW kidney grille with longitudinal bars further enhance the exterior. The car is equipped with exclusive 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch wheels at the rear, featuring a 20-spoke radial design with intricate detailing and discreet gold-colored surfaces, emphasizing its elegant sporty character. The BMW Concept Touring Coupé is powered by the brand’s hallmark six-cylinder in-line engine, with performance characteristics and refinement that confirm its status as a symbol of pure, unadulterated Sheer Driving Pleasure.

Stepping inside, the interior of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé exudes craftsmanship and attention to detail. The driver-oriented cockpit reflects BMW’s design philosophy, prioritizing the driver’s experience. The choice of materials, color scheme, and workmanship in the interior exhibits BMW’s commitment to excellence. The Italian leather surfaces, crafted by Poltrona Frau, create a luxurious ambiance. The interior is divided horizontally into two distinct color segments, with a dark brown tone in the upper section for focused driving and a light saddle brown in the lower section for comfort and warmth.

The interior of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé showcases artisan character with precise perforations and braided leather straps on the seat valences and slide bar. This blending of traditional craftsmanship and modern design principles creates a visually appealing and sophisticated atmosphere.

To complement the overall experience, the BMW Concept Touring Coupé comes with a set of exclusive luggage designed by the renowned Schedoni leather workshop in Modena. The custom-made collection includes two large and one small weekender bags, along with a garment bag, all perfectly coordinated with the car. This attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the journey, from driving to luggage, is seamlessly integrated and of the highest quality.

The BMW Concept Touring Coupé represents the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. With its captivating exterior design, luxurious interior craftsmanship, and attention to detail, it pays tribute to the timeless fascination of automobiles. This one-of-a-kind model celebrates the joy of driving and the pleasure of traveling together, embodying the essence of sheer driving pleasure that BMW is renowned for.


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