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California Seeks Approval to End Gas-Only New Vehicle Sales by 2035

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california ban gas vehicles

In a recent development, the state of California has taken a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by requesting approval from the Biden administration to implement a plan that would effectively end the sale of gas-only vehicles by 2035. This ambitious proposal aims to make it mandatory for all new vehicles sold in California to be electric or plug-in electric hybrids by the specified deadline.

According to a letter obtained by Reuters, the California Air Resources Board, which initially greenlit the plan in August, has formally approached the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to seek a waiver under the Clean Air Act. This waiver is essential for the implementation of the state’s new regulations, which entail the introduction of progressively stricter zero emission vehicle standards from 2026 onwards. Ultimately, the proposal would lead to a complete cessation of sales for gasoline-only powered vehicles in California by the year 2035.

By pursuing this groundbreaking initiative, California aims to address the pressing issue of climate change and promote the adoption of cleaner transportation alternatives. The state’s Air Resources Board believes that transitioning to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will help reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality, while also driving innovation in the automotive industry and creating new economic opportunities.

If approved, California’s plan would have far-reaching implications for the automotive sector, as the state is the largest vehicle market in the United States. As a result, it would likely accelerate the ongoing shift towards electric mobility and influence the decisions of automakers in terms of their product offerings and manufacturing strategies. Furthermore, the plan aligns with the broader sustainability goals outlined by the Biden administration, which has prioritized combating climate change and transitioning towards a clean energy economy.

While the request for approval from the Biden administration marks an important milestone, it is worth noting that this proposal is subject to a thorough review process. The EPA will carefully assess the potential impact on various stakeholders and evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the plan in achieving its environmental objectives.

California’s endeavor to eliminate gas-only vehicle sales by 2035 reflects a strong commitment to combating climate change and embracing a sustainable future. If successful, this ambitious initiative could serve as a model for other states and countries seeking to reduce carbon emissions and promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Source: Reuters


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