You Just Had a Rental Car Accident. Now What?

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Renting a beautiful new car is an amazing experience, especially if you want to test a model that you are looking to buy in the future or just want to have some fun. Many people, though, might not rent cars because they fear damaging them.

Let’s assume you had a rental car accident. What should you do next? Will you have to pay for everything? According to lawyer T. Madden, whoever is responsible for the accident has to pay the damages.

In another turn of events, if it is your fault, your car rental costs might be paid for by your insurance company. However, this happens only if rental car coverage is present within your auto insurance policy.

What Should You Do in a Rental Car Accident?

Car accidents happen all the time but if you were involved in a rental car accident in Georgia, then rest assured that you might not have to pay for anything if it wasn’t your fault. This is because Georgia is a “fault” state, meaning that whoever is responsible for the accident is legally responsible for the damages, even if it involves rental cars.

All your rental car expenses, injuries, and other damages you have suffered will be compensated by the at-fault party but only if you manage to prove their negligence. Here is what you should do in a rental car accident in Georgia:

Call Authorities

Being involved in a rental car accident isn’t so much different than a normal accident. You should get everyone to safety if you are able and if they aren’t too injured, and move the vehicle if it isn’t too damaged to prevent further collisions.

Call the authorities as soon as possible and request an ambulance so that you can have your injuries checked and recorded. 

Exchange Information and Get the Police Report

When things have calmed down, you should take a moment to document everything, such as taking pictures or filming the accident scene. You should also exchange contact information with eyewitnesses and the at-fault party and when authorities arrive, write the officer’s contact information so you can have access to their report later.

Contact the Rental Company

Once everything is settled, you should notify the rental company and explain what happened. Suppose the at-fault driver’s insurance company accepts your claim. In that case, they will work with the rental car company to provide you with a new vehicle.

This vehicle should be of equal or similar worth as the damaged one. If the insurance company denies or delays your claim, or the at-fault driver doesn’t admit guilt, you should contact a car accident lawyer right away.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer will be able to help you out in various ways. They will prepare your case by gathering evidence and hiring expert witnesses or professionals to reconstruct the accident scene and prove your innocence. 

They can also let you know if you have rental car insurance coverage in your insurance policy or fight in your name so that you can receive both economic and non-economic damages for your troubles. Furthermore, with a car accident lawyer by your side, you will settle your claim faster and leave this unfortunate event behind you sooner.


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