Florida Car Shipping Company Review: A-1 Auto Transport Inc.

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Before you look into other Florida car shipping companies, consider A1 Auto.

But who is A1 Auto? And are they any good?

Below we go into why A1 Auto excels at car shipping and how to identify if a car shipping company is worth working with.

Let’s get started. 

Who is A1 Auto?

A1 Auto is a transportation company that can service vehicle shipments in Florida to almost any location in the entire world. They have been in business for over 2 decades and prioritize their customer’s happiness over everything else.

Whether you need to ship your vehicle in enclosed or open trailers, they have you covered. You can also rely on A1 Auto to ship your luxury, electric, or classic vehicle. Not only that, they can ship heavy equipment, RVs, ATVs, boats, planes, and anything in between.

If you need expedited shipping or Florida auto shipping, they can help you with that. They also can help you with international shipping as well as coast-to-coast shipping. All you need to do to work with A1 Auto is get a free quote and decide on which car carrier you decide to go with.

A1 Auto is a licensed car broker that has a great reputation online. Many car brokers rely on shady tactics to run their business, but A1 Auto is on the up and up with many different review platforms showing their expertise.

With so many different options these days and a whole lot of confusion, it’s always best to go with a transport company like A1 Auto to reduce the chances of your vehicle arriving late or worse, having a huge bill to pay on arrival that you weren’t aware of.

How to Choose a Car Shipping Company? 

Check Reviews

The best way to check if a car shipping company is reputable is by checking their reviews. While reviews can be faked, there will be plenty of bad reviews that will point out the flaws of the shipping provider.

Check the good reviews as well as the bad reviews to see where the company falters. Many shipping companies are good at certain tasks but aren’t great at others. For example, one company may do great on local shipments, but they outsource international deliveries that end up with customers suffering.

For an example of great reviews, check out A-1 car shipping reviews.

Call Them

A great way to check if a company is worth working with is by calling them. If they’re treating you with respect, then you know you are important to them. If they sound like they couldn’t be bothered with you, then take your money and time elsewhere.  

Check if They’re the Right Fit

Not all car shipping companies are equal. Some excel at local shipping, some at long distances and some at international. It can be hard to do all things well, so look for a shipping company that can meet your expectations. If you have a luxury or exotic vehicle, then go with a niche shipping company that specializes in luxury and exotic vehicles.

Licensed and Insurance

You must ensure your car shipping company is licensed and insured, otherwise, you may regret it at a later date. Shady companies can create websites that look legit, but they simply sell your lead to carriers and you may be burned with a high bill at the end.


If it’s important to you, tracking can be a good thing to have to locate your vehicle during its transportation journey (especially if it’s overseas). Many companies these days have applications to help you track your vehicle once it’s in transport.


A reliable car shipping service is going to give you a quote that doesn’t have any hidden fees. If the company you’re considering working with doesn’t want to agree to give you a flat quote, then look for another company that will agree on a quote BEFORE you sign any contracts.

It’s sadly common for many people to pick up their vehicle only to find that the quote they’ve been given is not only wrong but much less than they were thinking it would be initially. Carriers can put pressure on you this way because you need to get along with your plans, and finding a carrier at a moment’s notice can be costly. 


Choosing the right car shipping company is crucial for ensuring the safety and timely delivery of your vehicle. A1 Auto Transport Inc. stands out as a reliable and reputable option among Florida car shipping companies, with over two decades of experience and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Their versatility in handling various types of vehicles, from classic cars to heavy equipment, combined with their transparent quoting system, makes them a top choice. 

While it’s essential to do your own research and ensure the company you choose aligns with your needs, A1 Auto’s proven track record and positive online reputation speak volumes. Whether you’re considering local, international, or coast-to-coast transportation, A1 Auto emerges as a benchmark in the car shipping industry. 

Always remember to check reviews, verify licensing and insurance, and ensure transparent communication when selecting a transport company, and based on these criteria, A1 Auto Transport Inc. undoubtedly makes the grade.


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