Lamborghini to Reveal Something “Truly Thrilling” at Monterey Car Week on August 18th

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Lamborghini is set to provide a glimpse of its inaugural mass-produced electric vehicle, marking the fourth addition to its lineup, through an eagerly anticipated concept unveiling scheduled for August 18. While specific details about this model remain shrouded in mystery, the automaker has offered a tantalizing peek into what’s on the horizon by releasing a cryptic teaser image.

Recently shared across Lamborghini’s social media platforms, the image depicts what appears to be the upper portion of either a sleek sedan or a substantial coupe. Although not entirely definitive, indications suggest that this isn’t indicative of a crossover. Rather, the outline bears a vague resemblance to the Estoque, a near-production prototype that contemplated a high-performance sedan but ultimately retained its status as a concept.

It’s crucial to note that these speculations remain speculative; the absence of visible seams in Lamborghini’s image leaves the question of the concept’s door count, as it could possess either two or four doors. Official statements from company executives have portrayed this upcoming vehicle as a “grand tourer with a 2+2 seating layout,” designed to bridge the gap between their super-sport offerings like the Revuelto and the Urus SUV. Notably, the car will boast “comfortable” rear seating.

Should it take the form of a coupe, this fourth model would occupy a rather niche segment. Some of the remaining exemplars of this concept include the second-generation Maserati GranTurismo, which also provides an electric variant, and the Bentley Continental GT.

Details regarding the electric powertrain remain tantalizingly out of reach, leaving enthusiasts to await Lamborghini’s strategy for delivering an electric model that can mirror the driving experience of its conventional gasoline-powered counterparts. Notably, the company has emphasized that this fourth model will stand as an independent creation, foregoing the idea of being an electrified iteration of an existing model like the forthcoming Huracán replacement. The prevailing expectation is that this new model will be exclusively electric, without an array of powertrain choices.

Further insights regarding Lamborghini’s impending concept are expected to surface in the days leading up to its August 18 reveal. It’s important to bear in mind that while the concept showcased at Monterey may provide a sneak peek, the final production version slated for the 2020s could exhibit variations from this initial presentation.


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