Stellantis Skipping Out on CES Citing Mounting Costs of UAW Strike

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Stellantis, the multinational manufacturer behind iconic brands like Jeep and Ram, has made an announcement regarding its participation in the upcoming CES technology show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, disclosing its decision to withdraw from the event, and the primary factor behind this move is the escalating costs associated with the ongoing autoworkers strike in North America.

This Europe-based automotive giant has taken this step as part of its strategic approach to manage the burgeoning financial implications of the strike and safeguard its capital reserves. Stellantis is currently deeply engaged in negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, and their priority is to find ways to mitigate the financial strain posed by the strike. In light of these challenges, Stellantis has opted to explore alternative avenues to demonstrate its transformation into a mobility technology company, rather than through its participation in CES 2024.

CES, traditionally known for showcasing cutting-edge technology, has evolved into a significant platform for the automotive industry. Companies in the automotive and tech sectors have been increasingly collaborating to push the boundaries of innovation. The forthcoming CES event, scheduled for January 9-12, is anticipated to feature groundbreaking developments in the intersection of technology and mobility.

The UAW strike has emerged as a significant backdrop to Stellantis’ decision. This strike, which has now entered its fifth week, has created substantial disruptions in the North American auto manufacturing landscape. The UAW, representing autoworkers, has strategically targeted specific plants owned by major U.S. automakers, including Stellantis, General Motors, and Ford. At present, approximately 34,000 autoworkers remain on strike against these three automotive giants, and the UAW has hinted at the possibility of expanding its strike actions to additional factories.

As the strike continues to loom over the automotive industry, Stellantis’ choice to forgo its presence at CES 2024 underscores the company’s commitment to addressing the pressing financial challenges arising from the labor disputes in North America. This decision also reflects the broader impact of labor negotiations and strikes on the automotive landscape, where companies are forced to recalibrate their strategies and priorities in the face of evolving industry dynamics.


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