General Motors To Layoff 1,300 Workers Across Two Michigan Plants

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General Motors (GM) is set to implement a workforce reduction, affecting a total of 1,314 employees across two Michigan plants. The decision stems from the company’s strategic move to cease production of certain vehicles, as outlined in a WARN notice filed by GM.

The bulk of the layoffs, totaling 945 jobs, will take place at the Orion Assembly plant in Orion Township, with the process commencing on January 1. This move follows GM’s October announcement, which revealed a one-year delay in the production of two all-electric pickups at the Orion facility. Consequently, the factory is slated for closure at the end of the current year, leading to the relocation of approximately 1,000 workers to other GM facilities within the state. The initial plan was to commence production of the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV at Orion in the coming year. However, GM has opted to recalibrate the timeline for the conversion of the Orion Assembly plant to electric vehicle (EV) truck production, now scheduling the restart for late 2025.

Simultaneously, another WARN notice discloses GM’s intention to cut 369 jobs at the Lansing Grand River Assembly/Stamping plant. This action aligns with the conclusion of production for the Camaro muscle car manufactured at this facility. The layoffs will occur in phases, starting on January 1 and concluding by March, according to the WARN notice.

In response to these workforce reductions, GM has asserted its commitment to supporting affected employees by offering them alternative job opportunities elsewhere within the company. This approach aims to mitigate the impact of the layoffs and provide affected individuals with options for continued employment within the broader GM organization. The strategic decision to adjust production schedules and streamline operations underscores the dynamic nature of the automotive industry, where companies must adapt to evolving market conditions and technological advancements.


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