Acura Does Away with Infotainment Trackpad for a New Touchscreen Setup Starting in 2024 MDX

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Honda, the parent company of Acura, is poised for a robust 2024, unveiling plans for several new models and updates to existing cars. Among them, the Acura MDX undergoes a facelift, introducing not only new body panels but also bidding farewell to its touchpad-based infotainment system, which is something we’ve wanted for a long time and have stated in our countless reviews of most recent Acura models.

The outgoing touchpad system functioned akin to a laptop’s touchpad, where a click on a specific point on the pad corresponded to a click on the same location on the infotainment screen. While it became manageable with familiarity, Acura acknowledges the superiority of a direct touchscreen interaction, especially when running third-party software like Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Consequently, the MDX is parting ways with the touchpad, aligning with the trend seen in other Acura models such as the new Integra and the upcoming all-electric ZDX, which we praised in our reviews of the new Integra and Integra Type S.

Beyond the abandonment of the touchpad, the 2024 MDX comes with additional upgrades. A notable inclusion is a new premium audio system courtesy of Bang and Olufsen, enhancing the in-car entertainment experience. The vehicle also boasts new driver assist features, underlining Acura’s commitment to safety and advanced driving technologies. Furthermore, Google built-in software is integrated, enabling seamless use of features like Maps, Assistant, and the Play Store without the necessity of linking a smartphone.

As part of Honda’s broader product outlook, it is hinted that a new entry-level Acura crossover is on the horizon, expected to embrace the touchscreen interface. While an exact release date for the updated MDX is not provided, it is anticipated to arrive at dealerships by springtime, promising an enhanced driving and infotainment experience for Acura enthusiasts.

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