Recap and Watch all Super Bowl LVIII Car Commercials

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Super Bowl LVIII has come and gone as we celebrate the Chiefs’ victory. If you were like many of us, you tuned into the Super Bowl to check out the commercials and many of the car ads this year didn’t let us down even if it was a smaller number of them. Unlike previous years, the volume of automotive ads wasn’t as overwhelming, but several manufacturers seized the opportunity to showcase their latest models, especially electric vehicles (EVs).

Among the standout commercials was Kia’s spotlight on the EV9, signaling the company’s commitment to the electric vehicle market. Volkswagen also grabbed viewers’ attention with its advertisement featuring the ID.Buzz, further emphasizing the growing popularity and advancement of electric cars. Toyota elaborated on the “Dareful Handle” in the new Tacoma. Additionally, BMW joined the fray by showcasing its electric 5 Series, the i5 with Christopher Walken, contributing to the narrative of the automotive industry’s transition towards sustainable technologies.

We’ve lined all of the car-related Super Bowl LVIII Commercials for your viewing pleasure below.



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