Toyota’s Panasonic Battery Venture to Be Made Automaker’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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Toyota recently announced that its collaboration with Panasonic Holdings has agreed to a restructuring that will see Toyota acquiring full ownership of their joint venture, Primearth EV Energy Co. This strategic move positions Primearth EV Energy Co. as Toyota’s wholly owned subsidiary.

The joint venture, Primearth EV Energy Co, has been instrumental in the production of batteries for various types of vehicles, including gasoline hybrid vehicles. With this restructuring, the company is poised to expand its production to include batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

The acquisition process is set to be completed by late March, according to Toyota’s announcement. This move signifies Toyota’s commitment to advancing its position in the electric vehicle market and strengthening its capabilities in battery technology.

By bringing Primearth EV Energy Co under its full control, Toyota aims to accelerate its efforts in developing and manufacturing batteries for electric and hybrid vehicles, contributing to the company’s overall strategy for sustainable mobility.


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