Stellantis Heads ‘Drive for Design’ Program to Challenge High School Students to Design Their Dream Vehicle

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The Stellantis ‘Drive for Design’ program is kicking off once again, inviting high school students to unleash their creativity and design their dream vehicle for the year 2040. This annual contest, now in its 12th year, is a platform where young enthusiasts can channel their passion for automotive design and innovation.

At the helm of this initiative is Mark Trostle, Vice President of Ram Truck and Mopar design at Stellantis North America. Trostle’s own journey in automotive design started with a win in a similar contest back in 1987 when he was a high school student. Now, he’s spearheading Drive for Design to inspire the next generation of designers.

The contest not only encourages students to let their imaginations run wild but also sheds light on the diverse career opportunities within the automotive industry. Trostle emphasizes the significance of nurturing young talent and raising awareness among parents about the multitude of paths available in automotive design.

For participants, the stakes are high, with the grand prize being an exclusive internship opportunity in the Ram Truck design studio. Additionally, winners will receive coveted tech gadgets like the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 tablet and Apple iPad Pro, along with other perks such as virtual portfolio reviews and scholarships.

Drive for Design doesn’t just end with the competition; it’s a journey of learning and exploration. Winners get a chance to be student judges at prestigious events like the EyesOn Design car show, further immersing themselves in the automotive world.

The success stories of past winners serve as a testament to the program’s impact, with many going on to pursue successful careers in automotive design, some even within Stellantis itself. From former interns to employees, Drive for Design alumni continue to leave their mark on the industry.

As the deadline for submissions approaches, students, teachers, and parents can track the contest’s progress on Stellantis North America’s social media channels. With weekly updates and the hashtag #DriveForDesign, the excitement builds as the next generation of automotive designers shapes the future of mobility.

For those eager to participate, detailed contest rules and resources are available on the Stellantis Drive for Design website, ensuring that aspiring designers of all ages have the tools they need to bring their visions to life.


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