Mitsubishi and Nissan Collaborate on EV, Pickup, and Plug-in Hybrid

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Nissan and Mitsubishi have recently announced a collaboration aimed at bolstering their presence in the U.S. market. The partnership marks a departure from their previous endeavors, with a focus on developing electric vehicles (EVs), pickups, and plug-in hybrids. This joint effort comes at a crucial time when automakers are grappling with the challenges of transitioning to electrification, necessitating shared resources and expertise.

Under this collaboration, Nissan will introduce its first plug-in hybrid vehicle for North America, leveraging Mitsubishi’s engineering prowess in this domain. Conversely, Mitsubishi will tap into Nissan’s EV technology to launch its own electric vehicle tailored for the U.S. market. Additionally, the two companies are jointly developing a next-generation pickup truck to be manufactured in Mexico, with plans for electric and plug-in hybrid variants under consideration.

The potential successor to Nissan’s Frontier pickup, this collaboration could also pave the way for Mitsubishi to expand its local lineup, addressing the demand for midsize pickups in the U.S. market. By manufacturing the pickup in Mexico, both companies aim to circumvent tariffs and facilitate shipment to the U.S. and Latin America.

This collaboration underscores the importance of partnerships in navigating the complexities of the automotive industry, particularly in the era of electrification. Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida emphasized the need for strategic alliances to fill crucial gaps and ensure sustainable profitability. This sentiment resonates with Mitsubishi’s efforts to source rebadged vehicles from alliance partners to bolster its product lineup in North America.

However, the success of such partnerships hinges on more than just achieving scale quickly. Auto analyst Stephanie Brinley warns that finding complementary needs and executing partnerships effectively are essential for long-term viability.

Looking ahead, Nissan and Mitsubishi plan to introduce the jointly developed pickup truck between 2027 and 2031, with discussions ongoing about potential electrified variants. This move aligns with Nissan’s emissions goals and positions the company to compete with rivals in the burgeoning electric truck segment.


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