Tesla Owner Calls Cops on Rivian Driver Attempting to Use Supercharger

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A Rivian driver found himself in a tense situation at a Supercharger station in California when confronted by a Tesla owner who seemed unaware of the recent policy change allowing other brands to use the charging stations. The Rivian driver recounted the incident on the Rivian Owners Forum, describing how the Tesla owner adamantly insisted that it was illegal for him to charge there and even threatened to call the police.

Tesla had recently opened up its Supercharger network to Rivian and other eligible EV brands, with Ford EVs also gaining access. However, the rollout of adapters for non-Tesla vehicles was slow, prompting the Rivian driver to purchase an aftermarket adapter to enable charging at the station. Unfortunately, the adapter didn’t work, forcing the Rivian owner to abandon the charging attempt and seek an alternative charging station.

The encounter underscores the need for better communication within the EV community regarding charging station access and etiquette. The Rivian driver emphasized that he was not disparaging Tesla or its community of owners but rather highlighting the need for constructive dialogue about the future of EV charging, particularly as more non-Tesla vehicles gain access to Superchargers.

Despite the policy change, some Tesla owners reported not receiving any notification from Tesla about opening up Superchargers to other brands. This lack of awareness could potentially lead to more conflicts at charging stations in the future, especially if non-Tesla vehicles inadvertently block charging spots or encounter issues with adapter compatibility.

While Tesla and other brands are aware of challenges such as differing charge port positions, there has been little indication of how these issues will be addressed moving forward. As the EV market continues to grow and evolve, effective communication and cooperation among manufacturers and owners will be crucial to ensuring a smooth charging experience for all users.


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