Sammy’s Law: New York City Could Have 20 MPH Default Speed Limits

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New York State’s latest budget approval has introduced a surprising change dubbed Sammy’s Law, potentially allowing New York City to lower default speed limits from 25 mph to 20 mph on most streets. This move, announced by Governor Kathy Hochul following a lengthy campaign led by Amy Cohen, a mother who tragically lost her son Sammy Cohen Eckstein to a speeding van in 2013, signifies a pivotal moment in road safety advocacy. Named after the young victim, Sammy’s Law embodies years of relentless efforts to prioritize pedestrian and cyclist safety in the bustling metropolis.

The proposed legislation is a testament to Cohen’s unwavering determination and belief that reducing speed limits can be “literally the difference between life and death” in urban environments like New York City. While awaiting final approval from the City Council and Mayor Eric Adams, the likelihood of opposition seems minimal, given the poignant narrative behind Sammy’s Law and its potential to save lives.

It’s crucial to note that the implementation of the lower speed limit won’t be universal. Streets with three or more lanes of traffic flowing in the same direction will remain unaffected, a measure intended to alleviate concerns about exacerbating congestion. Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal emphasized this point, ensuring a balanced approach to traffic regulation that prioritizes safety without unduly hindering traffic flow.

Sammy’s Law joins a broader array of initiatives aimed at curbing reckless driving in New York City. From contemplating speed limiters for repeat offenders to increasing surveillance through bus-mounted cameras, the city has been proactive in its efforts to address road safety challenges. However, recent incidents involving brazen acts of reckless driving highlight the urgency of bolstering enforcement measures. The adoption of Sammy’s Law represents a significant stride towards empowering law enforcement to combat irresponsible driving behaviors effectively.

As New York continues its fight against speeding and reckless driving, Sammy’s Law emerges as a poignant symbol of advocacy, resilience, and the collective pursuit of safer streets for all.

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