Justin Bell and Jay Leno Highlight McLaren 750S with Celebration of F1 GTR at Le Mans in Short Film

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McLaren recently released an engaging short film featuring renowned personalities Justin Bell and Jay Leno. This production celebrates the incredible legacy of the McLaren F1 GTR while showcasing the cutting-edge capabilities of the new McLaren 750S. The film commemorates the 30th anniversary of Bell’s significant drive in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, where he, alongside Derek Bell and Andy Wallace, achieved a podium finish.

In this film, viewers witness the seamless blend of McLaren’s historical triumphs and modern technological advancements. Leno, a passionate car collector and former late-night host, prominently features his own McLaren F1. This iconic vehicle, known for its revolutionary design and performance during its era, serves as a bridge to McLaren’s current masterpiece, the 750S. Both cars epitomize the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Justin Bell eloquently reflects on the advancements in automotive technology, comparing his experience with the F1 GTR to the present-day 750S. “With the F1, I had a six-speed manual, just over 600 horsepower. I had to be so delicate with the manual shift gauge. And yet here, I have these electrifying downshifts, upshifts from the seven-speed gearbox, that I could’ve only dreamed about back then!” Bell continues, drawing a vivid analogy, “You know how they say that the Apollo 13 mission ran on technology inferior to a modern-day iPhone? If that’s the case, then my F1 GTR from 1995 was a British red phone box, and this is a supercomputer.”

Jay Leno also shares his admiration for the 750S, stating, “I’m so impressed with McLaren as a car company because you really do feel you’re one with the car when you’re in there. The difference is really in driving it. … How is it different from other cars? Well, when you drive you really can tell.”

This short film not only highlights the technological prowess and driving pleasure of the McLaren 750S but also pays homage to the enduring legacy of the McLaren F1 GTR. The closing scene of the film, marking the anniversary of McLaren’s remarkable debut at Le Mans, hints at an exciting future collaboration between Justin and Derek Bell.

To experience this celebration of automotive history and innovation, watch the Justin Bell/Jay Leno x McLaren 750S film here and stay tuned for the special reveal hinted at in the final scene.


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