World’s First Tesla Cybertruck Police Vehicle Revealed by UP-FIT

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UP.FIT, a division of Unplugged Performance and a global leader in upfitting Teslas for fleet use, has unveiled the world’s first Tesla Cybertruck Patrol vehicle. Designed for public safety officials, including police, fire departments, military, and tactical response agencies, this innovative vehicle is set to redefine first-responder solutions with its advanced safety, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

The UP.FIT Tesla Cybertruck Next-Gen Patrol vehicle, which has already piqued interest from agencies nationwide, boasts a variety of features that make it ideal for modern law enforcement. Key highlights include:

  • Stainless-Steel Exoskeleton: Providing unmatched durability and protection.
  • Sports-Car Grade On-Road Capabilities: Ensuring high performance in various driving conditions.
  • Advanced Safety Technologies: Integrating the latest in safety features to protect both officers and civilians.

The demand for the UP.FIT Cybertruck underscores its potential to transform policing. Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance, emphasizes the engineering leap this vehicle represents, highlighting its readiness to enhance law enforcement capabilities across the nation. Feedback from police departments involved in its development has been overwhelmingly positive, signaling strong anticipation for its deployment.

The UP.FIT Cybertruck is designed to meet a wide range of operational needs with its extensive customization options:

  • Warning Lights and Sirens: Standard equipment for emergency response.
  • Upgraded Radio and Computer Systems: Ensuring seamless communication and data management.
  • Specialized Wiring Systems and Proprietary Integrations: Enhancing functionality and efficiency.
  • Tactical and Military Customizations: Including prisoner partitions, weapon storage, K9 enclosures, and more.
  • Advanced Vehicle Dynamics: Featuring UP.FIT Forged wheel and tire packages, braking systems, and off-road upgrades.
  • Starlink Internet Connectivity: Providing reliable internet access in various environments.

Unplugged Performance’s UP.FIT division not only offers vehicle modifications but also provides enhanced electrification, infrastructure planning, and fleet management services. Their state-of-the-art fleet management software, combined with technical training and certification programs, ensures that departments are fully equipped to maximize the potential of these advanced vehicles.

The introduction of the UP.FIT Tesla Cybertruck Patrol vehicle marks a significant milestone in the evolution of first-responder vehicles. With its innovative features, customization options, and comprehensive support services, the UP.FIT Cybertruck is poised to become an essential tool for law enforcement agencies, enabling them to protect and serve their communities more effectively.


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