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Race car looks, budget price? The new Fusion FRC-K20 tries to bridge the gap

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Fusion Race Cars, a Canadian based prototype manufacturer, who’s slogan is “Professional Quality, Amateur Price” attempts to bring the excitement of a true, track performer to the average enthusiast in the form of the FRC-K20.

The FRC-K20 is Fusion’s newest model powered by a K20,  2.0 liter motor most often found residing in the engine bay of the popular Honda Civic Si.  The FRC race cars are purpose built track cars that offer among other things seating for two full size adults. The target market for this versatile little vehicle is sprint car racing, endurance events, track days and race car driving schools. With styling reminiscent of the popular kit car, the Ultima GTR, the FRC has the potential to offer the same thrills and visceral driving experience as more exotic track blasters like the Lotus Elise.

The popularity of the Honda K20 power-plant ensures that the cost to campaign and maintain this weekend warrior will be affordable as well. A fact worth mentioning is that the Honda K20A conversion is a popular swap for the Lotus Elise and Exige models and, with roughly 220bhp on tap from the venerable K20 motor and a sub-ton curb weight, the FRC finds itself in good company. The FRC is also offered in a motorcycle powered version utilizing the Kawasaki ZX-14 as a donor.

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