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BMW Gran Coupe Concept Revealed

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Our good friend Horatiu at BMWBlog recently posted images of a new 4-door coupe concept from BMW called the Gran Coupe. At BMW’s Design Night program during the Beijing Auto Show this year, they spill the details on their development strategies and this new concept design is one more detail revealing the direction that BMW is headed in.

The sweeping roof line and curvaceous body sculpting are just some of the highlights of this new concept that give it a pleasant sporty appeal. As with other automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, the modern 4-door-coupe design is very catchy and has finally caught on with BMW as demonstrated in the BMW Concept Gran Coupé. This is a car that many of us will only hope that BMW puts into production. Maybe they could replace the 5-Series GT with this… that would be my wish.

The concept study on display symbolizes the outstanding design expertise of BMW. The BMW Concept Gran Coupé concentrates the fundamental values of the brand. Its body design authentically captures a sense of superior dynamic performance and high-quality elegance. The shaping style, which follows a coherent pattern down to the last detail, convincingly visualizes BMW’s philosophy as an automobile manufacturer. As with the Concept CS 2007, BMW once again sets new benchmarks in the design of 4-door coupes with a distinctive sporty character… view more at

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