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Ferrari 458 Challenge At The Vallelunga Race Circuit

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The Ferrari 458 Challenge, a one-off race-prepped version of the Ferrari 458 Italia, was already revealed a few weeks ago and now Ferrari is releasing images of the 458 Challenge during its session at Vallelunga Race Circuit.

It was rather expected to see a new one-off version of the Ferrari 458 Italia to join the stable of other race-prepped Italian stallions. Just like any other race version of a Ferrari, owners should be stoked to have one that has more power and is lighter giving it an edge over the normal run-of-the-mill street-version Ferrari. Just to demonstrate how much more serious the 458 Challenge is vs. its predecessor, the 458 Challenge was able to corner at an astonishing 1.6g’s of lateral acceleration and lap Fiorano over two seconds faster.

[source: Ferrari]


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