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Reminiscing: Twin Turbo Ford GT Video (NSFW language)

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Fortunate for us we are based out of Florida and had the opportunity to meet Joe, the infamous owner of one of the post powerful Ford GT Twin Turbo’s in the world just a few years ago. The video below from IMV Films is a rather old video but still very entertaining to watch a fellow automotive enthusiast really love his ‘hobby’. Today is a day of reminiscing the good-ol street racing that use to go on in our area and Joe’s Ford GT Twin Turbo.

There is nothing else Joe would rather due but to see his Ford GT get tuned to over 1600 horsepower. Since the creation of Joe’s GTTT, other tuner shops around the world, such as Heffner Performance, have tuned Ford GT’s to unbelievable horsepower numbers setting world records on ‘closed courses’ (abandoned airfields) across the United States.

Do you live for the thrill like Joe did? Check out the video below and we dare you to dream up anything remotely similar to that of Joe’s Twin Turbo Ford GT. Enjoy!


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