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Video: Bumblebee Camaro Gets Into Real Accident On Set of Transformers 3

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There are always mishaps on the set of any movie especially the blockbuster types that involve car stunts such as the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. Recently on the set of Transformers 3 in Washington, D.C., the Bumblebee Camaro smashes into a cop’s SUV due to the cop driving through the set on the way to a call as shown in the videos below.

The cop car seems to be in the wrong here and many are wondering why the cop had to go through the set during filming. Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the incident except the Bumblebee Camaro. The set personnel acted quickly to cover the wrecked Camaro probably to keep onlookers from capturing photos or maybe little kids from crying over the destruction of Bumblebee. I wonder how they are going to edit this one in the movie?

[source: TMZ, Youtube]


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