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October Auto Sales Plung for GM, Honda and Toyota

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DETROIT — Auto sales at General Motor, Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. plunged in October as the U.S. industry braced for what may be the weakest monthly sales report in a quarter century.

GM plummeted 45 percent from a year earlier. Ford sold 132,248 cars and trucks last month, down 32 percent. Toyota outsold Ford on its way to its 23 percent decline. Daimler AG and American Honda were down more than 24 percent, while Porsche, Isuzu, and Suzuki fell more than 45 percent.

[source: automotive news]

Below is a sales chart comparing October Automotive Sales from 2007 to October 2008 (this year).




 OctoberOctoberOctober10 mos.10 mos.Pct.
Aston Martin140172–18.6%1,40085863.2%
BMW Group*–%–%
Chrysler LLC**–%–%
Daimler AG***17,25722,842–24.5%212,886203,3054.7%
   Aston Martin856
   Land Rover4,23714,29240,311–64.5%
Ford Motor Co.****132,248194,617–32.0%1,741,2312,166,308–19.6%
General Motors*****168,719307,408–45.1%2,581,3853,241,501–20.4%
American Honda†85,864114,799–25.2%1,266,4471,308,319–3.2%
Hyundai Group††–%–%
Tata Motors‡–%–%
Other (estimate)–%–%
Numbers in this table are calculated by Automotive News based on actual monthly sales reported by the manufacturers and may differ from numbers reported elsewhere.
Source: Automotive News Data Center
Note: Other includes estimates for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus; actuals for Maserati
*Includes Mini and Rolls-Royce
**DaimlerChrysler sold the Chrysler group on Aug. 3, 2007
***Incudes Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart
****Includes Jaguar and Land Rover (through May 31, 2008) and Volvo; Aston Martin’s estimated sales are included through May 2007
*****Includes Saab
†Includes Honda Division and Acura
††Includes Hyundai and Kia
†††Includes Nissan Division and Infiniti
‡Tata Motors includes Jaguar and Land Rover as of June 1, 2008; Jaguar Oct. 2008 sales are estimates
‡‡Includes Toyota Division, Lexus and Scion
‡‡‡Includes VW, Audi and Bentley
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