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A Buyers Market: Dealership Deals Rise While The Auto Industry Drops

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We recently had the opportunity to chat with some local car dealerships and they all agreed that now is the best time ever to buy, obviously. Pretty much, it is a buyer’s market when it comes to car shopping. If you do not have a car with an upside-down note to pay off then you may be in a great position to buy a new or pre-owned car.

Even the number of online searches for online car quotes on vehicles ranging from used SUV’s, used cars to brand spanking new cars that have been sitting on the dealer lot for months. Either way, the deal is yours because you are a buyer. Simply locating a new car or doing an online used car search will land you a great deal that you can easily capitalize on at the dealership during our economic troubled times. You can find used cars pilled up at just about any dealership during these hard economic times.

We have heard strange stores where car companies are leasing out racetracks to park their new vehicles that they cannot ship to the local dealerships because there is simply not enough room or available slots in the dealers inventory. With this type of craziness going on it brings up the big question, what will happen to the failing auto industry? While dealerships across America are slashing prices and creating some of the best deals that some of us have ever seen in our lifetime, there is still the uncertainty if dealerships or auto companies can capitalize on a decent profit. If you advertise your car in any type of publication you may want to be sure that it has a super low price because that is what you are competing against, super low prices at the dealership.

What I will challenge some of my readers to do is go to your nearest dealership and see what kind of deal you can get on some new cars and pre-owned. Let us know by posting a comment how much you could have saved. Better yet, if you are actually in the market for a car, go out and shop around and then let us know how much you saved. We want to compile a short list of where, when and how you can get the best deals in our slumping economy at dealerships across America. Be sure to do your research before setting out on this quest, we do not want anyone to get ripped off.

Post your comments now if you already did your shopping! We want to hear it!

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