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Ken Block Schools The Stig In ‘Hoonage 101’

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Some say that his oversized baseball cap houses a family of ferrets, and that his first words were “light ‘em up:” all we know is that he’s called… Ken Block. Shoe entrepreneur, world rally driver and professional hoon Ken Block has a good gig. He gets paid (well, we presume) to beat cars to death on camera, and then he gets to turn over the keys and say, “sorry about that.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, even us auto journalist types don’t get to do that with press fleet cars. Rule number 1 is, “thou shalt not stack the loaner cars,” followed by rule number 2, which is “thou shalt not use up all of the tires or all of the brakes, lest ye be dropped from the holy distribution list.”

Nonetheless, enjoy Ken Block showing the Australian Stig how things are done, Yank style, in the video below.


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