Hoonigan Electrikhana Two Released Posthumously, Showcasing Ken Block’s Final Video

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Hoonigan has recently released “Electrikhana Two,” the final video featuring legendary rally driver Ken Block, who tragically passed away in January 2023. Filmed in Mexico City in November 2022, the video serves as a sequel to Gymkhana 11, showcasing Block skillfully drifting a heavily-modified Audi S1, complete with awe-inspiring stunts such as popping wheelies.

Building on the experiences gained from filming Gymkhana 11 in Las Vegas, Block’s team made substantial enhancements to the S1’s drivetrain. One notable addition is the “simulated gears” feature, which digitally integrates a gearbox into the drivetrain. This innovation involves programming multiple levels of wheel speed control into the electric motors, operated by Block using steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The robust power output of the drivetrain necessitated such a transmission-like system, providing Block with enhanced control during slides and allowing for more precise acceleration. The video demonstrates various features of the modified drivetrain, including the ability to perform a standing all-wheel-drive burnout, seamlessly switch between rear- and all-wheel drive, and shift into reverse irrespective of speed. Although specific updated specifications are yet to be disclosed, Block’s original S1 boasted an impressive 2,212 pound-feet of torque.

“Electrikhana Two” takes viewers on a thrilling high-speed tour of iconic landmarks in Mexico City. Block launches the Audi S1 out of the Plaza de Toros, the world’s largest bull-fighting ring, transforms the Benito Juárez International Airport into his personal playground, and engages in tire-shredding action while encountering a heavily-modified Volkswagen Beetle, locally known as the vocho. The video maintains the high production quality synonymous with Block’s films.

In a poignant continuation of Block’s legacy, his family has stepped into the motorsport scene. Lucy Block, his wife, participated in the 2023 Pikes Peak Hill Climb, racing a Sierra Echo EV. Lia Block, his daughter, also took part in the event, driving a custom-built coupe named Hoonipigasus, reminiscent of a Porsche 911. The Block family’s involvement ensures that Ken Block’s passion for racing lives on, leaving an enduring mark on the motorsport world. Godspeed, Ken!


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