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Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Reborn w/ 1470 Horsepower

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We already know Jason Heffner and his team are dedicated to appeasing owners of some of the most exclusive exotic cars around with more horsepower than they ever dreamed of. As we discovered a couple years ago touring Jason’s shop, the process of taking an already-fast exotic car and making it faster is more involved than we ever imagined.

One of the latest creations to grace the local streets of North America, is a Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo re-worked to produce 1470 crank-horsepower. That allows this all-wheel-drive Bull to lay down about 1236 wheel-horsepower (1470 crank-horsepower) to the pavement on race fuel. Using 91 octane, this beast is puts down about 800 wheel-horsepower.

One of the more interesting aspects of this build is that it was no virgin to modifications and has seen over 71,000 miles of asphalt in its lifetime. The owner surely does not baby this machine. After-all, it was made to run. In this particular case, it runs like a scalded dog.

Heffner Performance Release Information

While Heffner Performance and its world wide network of installing dealers deliver multiple twin turbo builds to its customers every week, this particular project was unique enough to share more in detail.

This highly modified Gallardo came back to us recently for a complete engine refreshing and our latest twin turbo system.

The vehicle has approximately 71,000 miles (115,000 km) on it with about half of those miles (km) on the twin turbo system. It was not babied and its owner enjoys using the loud pedal…a lot.

The Gallardo was disassembled and freshened up with a new motor as the OEM fuel injectors and stock pumps had become clogged which resulted in multiple burnt cylinders.

Also, Les Wells, an employee of ZR Auto, came down to our Sarasota shop for the car’s teardown.
He returned when the engine was back from the machine shop so he could be there for a side by side experience of how to properly install a Heffner Performance Twin Turbo system in its entirety.

As with many of our global dealers, this experience for Les will further fine tune our dealer installed induction systems.

ZR Auto is our primary Western Canada distributor/installer. ZR Auto – Home

The engine provides an est. 920HP at the crank (800 whp) on Canadian spec 91 octane and an est. 1470 HP at the crank or 1236 whp on C16 race fuel.

Heffner Performance is a global provider of twin turbo induction systems for Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford GT, Viper, and coming soon in early 2012…The McLaren MP4-12C.



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