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X Games Double Loop Dare Sets Guinness World Record: Video

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As kids, we’d bet that all of us amassed a pretty serious collection of Hot Wheels cars and track. Loop-the-loops and jumps were standard fare for Hot Wheels, and the entertainment value was generally determined by the risk of crashing violently (or the risk of terrifying the family cat). As kids, we probably wondered why no one did stunts like this in real life, too.

Hot Wheels wondered that as well, so it decided to enlist the help of drivers Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust to set a new Guinness World Record for a double loop-the-loop. In case you were wondering, each loop was 60 feet tall, and falling upside down from a height of six stories would not have ended well. You can bet there was a lot of planning (and very little margin for error) that went into the making of this record attempt.

If you’ve ever owned Hot Wheels of your own, the stunt is worth watching. We’d advise against trying this on your own, even if you do have the resources to build a specialized stunt car and a backyard ramp that dwarfs your house. If you really want to duplicate this at home, Hot Wheels would prefer you to buy its Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare track set, available at toy retailers everywhere. Failure with the Hot Wheels set may not be as spectacular, but neither will the medical bills.


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