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Nissan Teases Resonance Concept Ahead Of Detroit Debut

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Nissan Resonance crossover concept – image: Nissan

Both the current Nissan Murano and Nissan Rogue are getting up in years, with the Rogue dating to 2008 and the current version of the Murano dating to 2009. Crossovers are big sellers for the Japanese brand, so it stands to reason that Nissan will put some thought into their restyle.

In Detroit, Nissan will be unveiling a new crossover concept called the Resonance. It’s unclear if this will be the replacement for the Rogue or the Murano, but our bet is on the Rogue since it outsells the Murano by nearly three to one. Which comes first is academic anyway, since you can expect to see design traits from the Resonance applied to both.

Nissan isn’t giving details on the Resonance just yet, although it has said the concept uses a hybrid-electric drivetrain. We take that to mean a plug-in hybrid setup, since a true extended-range electric powertrain (as in the Chevy Volt and Fisker Karma) would likely be too expensive for production.

We’ll let you know for sure next week, as part of our Detroit Auto Show coverage.


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