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Major Fail: VW Badged Chrysler Caravan – No More VW Routan

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VW Badged Chrysler Caravan, I bet some of you didn’t know that the VW Minivan aka Volkswagen Routan was nothing more than a Chrysler Caravan with a VW badge and maybe some “German engineered suspension”. Well, whatever it WAS, it aint going to be made no mo!

It was a good idea for about a week and then customers and enthusiasts started to catch on, this VW really was not a VW in the sense that a “true” VW was, in the most un-German form, a German designed and Mexican made vehicle with nice interior. Okay, so you might not agree with me here totally but let’s face it, with only 22,000 or so of these things made, the Routan really was not going to make it far considering how Chrysler is one of the Big 3 that is attempting to get back on its feet with promotions and discounts out-of-this-world.

If you still have a desire and love for Brook Shields and the cheesy advertising pushing this so-called German engineered VW mini-van, then by all means, go pick one up. They are after-all, Cheap! Major FAIL!

[source: autonews]

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