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Honda Civic Type R Could be a USA Thing – And Fast

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We have always had dreams of Honda bringing the Civic Type R stateside. Of course, now days, who knows what will take place, which is why things are stirring up in the Honda community as efforts to push Honda USA to officially bring the Civic Type R to our shores are ramping up – mostly due to the concept that we see here and in the videos below.

Original rumors said it will get 220+ horsepower from a naturally aspirated engine packed in a lightweight body. Not sure if that is going to suffice, as new rumors say it will be much more power (maybe more than 275hp) but who knows, it will have VTEC, and that cures all right? Might be time to slap a turbo on that thing. What do you think? Honda Civic Type R for everyone in America? Hmm, not too sure.


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