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A Road Trip with the most exclusive Ferraris: Video

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There will always be a soft spot in the heart of enthusiasts for Ferrari. It is just something we all have to accept, no matter if you are an All-American muscle car guy or grease monkey at the local shade-tree mechanic auto shop, you know what the heck a Ferrari is and you have a certain level of respect for them.


Ferrari collector Jon Hunt, has a collection to die for of many exotics including all of the most-popular and exclusive Ferraris. You may know of Jon Hunt’s son running around in many of his cars in those famous “Tax The Rich” videos on youtube. Yes, that guy’s father, shares just a couple minutes of his passion for his exclusive Ferrari’s, including the 288 GTO, F40, F50, Enzo and the all-new LaFerrari. Check it! (so where is the 250 GTO in this?) I suppose we can expect a new TaxTheRich100 YouTube video to show up any day now with some awesome drifts of the new LaFerrari.



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