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All-New Lexus RC F Ad Selling Donuts-err Golden Opportunity: Video

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Lexus is starting to spice things up a bit leading to the official release of the all-new Lexus RC and RC F coupes at your local dealership. With a Lexus that can easily perform donuts, it brings the opportunity to sell stuff, like Donuts or the Golden Opportunity that has long been touted as the Japanese automaker’s chance to save a bit of money on your next luxury car purchase.

In this recent advertisement, Lexus takes advantage of the time where we want to click “SKIP” on an intriguing YouTube video and get right to the business end of things. Well, that’s just what Lexus does to advertise their Golden Opportunity while making and killing Donuts in the all-new V8-powered Lexus RC F. Enjoy!


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