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Ralph Gilles Chases Down CTS-V In Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Video

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It is always refreshing to see head brass at an automotive manufacturer really LOVE cars. When I say love cars, such a person is passionate about cars, they drive them hard, they race them, they are ultimately automotive enthusiasts. This very person can be found at Chrysler as President and CEO of the SRT Brand and Senior Vice President of Design, Ralph Gilles.

We have followed Gilles for many years and we are big fans. Just to prove our point, here is a video of Ralph Gilles chasing down a Cadillac CTS-V in one of his prided vehicles he and his team helped develop, the all-new Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Check it out!

In Ralph’s own words:

Experimenting with my GoPro3… attempting to capture the HellCat’s incredible baritone fury…then a CTSV on Slicks got into my crosshairs! Was a fun couple of laps chasing him down. The CTSV driver overcooked a few corners (admittedly) as he was driving in his mirrors as the Cat closed in! The highlight of this video is not the little bit of track action but THAT engine note…IMHO it has gotta to be one of the best sounding engines available on the market today. Hats off to the SRT engineering, power train, exhaust and integration team. The Hellcat simply works as a system. Loads of character, grit and pace!



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