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2014 Miami International Auto Show First Ever “Cars Meet Art”

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Catching a stranger “decorating” your beloved new car with a can of spray paint is, for many of us at least, the equivalent of a full force slap in the face. Unless of course that stranger is a well-known urban artist and your car has been previously wrapped to perfection in vinyl.

Cars Meet Art

Honda Fit by Don Rimx

This weekend at the Miami International Auto Show, a group of celebrated world-reknown urban artists gathered together to decorate some of the newest vehicles available to consumers. And while the final product may not be everyone’s cup of tea for the casual run to the grocery store, the boldly decorated Fiat 500, over the top Honda Fit, attention grabbing Lamborghini Aventador, and dinosaur inspired Jeep Wrangler certainly are tasty.

To see them all, visit the 2014 Miami International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center November 7-15, 2014.


Jeep Wrangler by Claudio Picasso

Cars Meet Art

Fiat 500 by Daniel Fila

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster by Duaiv

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster by Duaiv

Cars Meet Art

Mini Cooper by Bisco Smith


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