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2016 Volvo V60 Polestar Pitted as Hottest Wagon in Motor Trend Ignition Episode: Video

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Volvo is one of the very few automakers that have a wagon targeting those who tend to travel on the off-beat path – mostly automotive journalists and crazy car enthusiasts. The new 2016 Volvo Polestar is one of the few, the rare, the highly desirable by folks like myself – people who put together thesaurus laden words that sometimes require a higher education to decipher only to describe how power is delivered through all four wheels via a torque-sensing Haldex clutch differential system. Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa takes on the new V60 Polestar to break down why it’s so amazing in the latest Ignition episode. Enjoy!

Volvo has a history of making high-performance station wagons, and this one is the fastest yet. In fact, it’s the third-quickest wagon Motor Trend has ever tested, thanks to all-wheel drive and a 345-hp turbocharged straight-six: 0-60 happens in just 5.0 seconds. It comes outfitted from the factory with Öhlins dampers, 6-piston Brembo brakes, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, and enough cargo capacity to empty out your local supermarket. We love wagons because they lose almost nothing in performance compared to the sedans they’re based on — and they’re often even better-looking. This Volvo is easily the prettiest wagon around (especially with the Thule roof rack we put on it), and it sounds as great as it looks. On this episode of Ignition, presented by Tire Rack, Motor Trend Senior Features Editor Jason Cammisa takes to the mountains to show us just how great Sweden’s winter hot-rod does in the snow.


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