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2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Review & Test Drive

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As you get older and supposedly wiser, you realize that the definition of living in excess isn’t always a bad thing. Let’s face it, we only have one shot at this life on earth and why not take time to enjoy all the good things that we have access to, such as the new Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, which I had time to enjoy one dressed in the powerful AMG G63 trim.

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The new Mercedes-AMG G63 is essentially the fastest German tank that you can legally own and use it for your transportation and utility needs. Starting with the basis of what the G Wagon is, Mercedes has made many much-needed improvements to the G wagon lineup, starting with a revamp of the suspension system and utilization of the attractive dual 12.3-inch widescreens across the dashboard with one acting as a configurable gauge cluster and the other as the infotainment interface. While Mercedes didn’t use the latest MBUX infotainment system with the touch screen as found in vehicles like the new GLE and A Class, the system used is a previous iteration that serves the G wagon well for a major improvement over the outgoing setup.

The AMG line of Mercedes vehicles always come with an added punch and the new G63 gets just that in the form of 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque from the brand’s 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 pumping power through a new 9-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels. The G63 is a thrasher, one that feels that you’re doing something totally illegal when you put your foot down because a vehicle with such a high stature shouldn’t be that fast. When I say fast, the G63 hurls to 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.4 seconds and covers the ground like a fire breathing vehicle from Mad Max. Just think, you pull up next to a new G63 in your sports car and it takes you at the light leaving you in utter shock. Yes, driving the G63 I made it a point to show off a little and leave people guessing why a nearly 3-ton German tank left their Camaro SS, Mustang GT, or turbocharged BMW 3 series in the dust.

There’s nothing else like a G wagon, and that uniqueness is part of the value proposition of such a vehicle when paying a six-figure price tag. The tall stature and clunky doors that only fully latch when you slam them is all part of the G Wagon experience, something you won’t get in any other vehicle. The driving character is also another unique trait of the G Wagon but for the redesigned 2019 model it drives better than it has ever giving drivers and passengers a space that can be enjoyed on long trips and repeated yet fun commutes.

The other changes and improvements to note in the new G Wagon and the loaded-up G63 start with its updated looks where some of the sharp edges up front have been smoothed over ever-so-slightly along with the updated and remarkably-bright LED headlights with an LED daytime running halo and new grille. The G Wagon’s other signature characteristics mostly remain, only with a few subtle updates, such as LED taillights, updated seating areas, and finally a push-button start – but still lacking a few expected creature comforts for a luxury vehicle such as a keyless go & entry system or soft-closing doors that you would otherwise find on other Benz vehicles north of $100,000.

The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon has always been a purposeful buy even if it is only being used to shop the streets of Rodeo Drive. The utility of the new 2019 G63 is in place through its many locking differentials and rugged body structure is indicative of its true off-road prowess. Though, one would not want to get those pretty 22-inch wheels, performance street tires, and side-exit exhausts all dirty and scratched. The G63 belongs on the road to impress others, to garner the proper attention that you seek when you lay down the as-tested price of $166,000, and by the looks of all of the onlooking encounters I had, it does just that. Is the G63 a completely unnecessary vehicle? Sure, it is. If you’re even a little outlandish and have the proper means, should you buy one? Absolutely!

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