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9 Tricks to Make Your Car Faster, Without Spending a Lot of Money

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There are many things that can be done to make your car go faster (legally), thanks to tuning. Almost all of them require spending quite a lot of money, because we almost always stress the same thing: power, or speed.

But, if you think about it, there are other ways to make your car run more, without resorting to torque or extreme tuning. For instance, you can upgrade your car with Low cost Bosch auto parts.

Automotive Addicts experts reveal 6 tricks to make your car faster, without spending a lot of money.

Reduce weight

Your vehicle’s acceleration and starting power (and also fuel consumption) are directly dependent on the vehicle’s weight. And we’re not talking about the chassis or engine, but the four-deck toolbox you carry in the trunk, which you never use…

If you want your car to go faster, you can start by lightening the weight, eliminating things that you hardly use and that you store in the trunk: the aforementioned tools, boxes, speakers, junk…

If you don’t use it much, consider removing the air conditioning, as it adds a lot of weight to the vehicle.

Tuning up

This is obvious, but we don’t always apply it. A good tuning is vital for the car to reach maximum performance. An oil change. with a quality brand, and new filters, will get it flying without spending too much money. You can find the best tunings at the following website – ok can you place link:

Tyres and suspension

Going faster doesn’t mean running faster. With better grip in the corners, and better suspension the car will run less in the corners and accelerate faster, allowing you to get extra speed. Change the tyres, adjust the suspension and brakes, and you’ll notice the improved control you need.

Air and fuel

For the engine to perform at its best it needs a good mixture of air and fuel. Good injectors and a higher flow fuel pump will do wonders for your car’s performance.

Improve your driving

This is one aspect we don’t usually stop to think about. But it’s crystal clear. Your car can go faster… if you learn to drive better. It’s not about questioning abilities, but about achieving perfection. Hamilton or Alonso train every day and still occasionally make mistakes…

There are driving improvement courses that are cheap and you really learn to manage the power and manoeuvrability of a vehicle better.

Touch the ECU

Did you know that you can get 20% more power by changing an ECU software code? If you do, leave it in the hands of a professional who will offer you a guarantee, to avoid disappointment…

A Swap!

Many people make the mistake of trying to power a small engine, this is sometimes not worth it as there are superior models with more powerful engines. Many times this is done because the cost of changing the engine is quite high… Some engine swaps are easy because the car keeps the same chassis, for example in the case of the Honda Civic, who does not have any acquaintance or has heard of someone who has mounted a B16 or B18? Even a K20. But really, swaps always depend on your imagination and your pocketbook! We could go with a rear engine if we wanted to in a model that originally mounted it in the front.

Intake and Exhaust.

All cars come with an intake and exhaust system with many restrictions as standard, either to reduce noise, pollution, for economic reasons or for reliability.

If we buy a good exhaust line and a good intake, it is not uncommon to get 5-10% extra power once your ECU is adjusted. These are the most economical parts within the modifications as they do not cost a great fortune. We feel that they should be one of the first modifications we buy to improve performance.

The ECU is also a simple modification and with a good configuration it will give us an improvement in the power of our car. If our car is atmospheric we will be able to scratch a few extra hp, but if our car is turbo, sometimes we could manage to get much more than 30 hp!

Empty it.

We have all noticed the difference in the performance of our car when we go alone to when we are loaded, especially in smaller cars.

This would be the most economical way to get more performance out of our car. Have you ever heard of the power-to-weight ratio? Balance it! Things like the seats, the interior trim, plastics, the soundproofing elements, the spare wheel, the audio system, the air conditioning… All this adds up to a lot of kilos! With all this out, not only will we gain faster acceleration, but also more braking and handling.

Even so, if we want to keep dropping pounds on the car, we must make use of our wallet now. The replacement of some baquets to replace the standard seats, exterior elements of glass or carbon fiber, polymer windows, and the interior panels also replace them with glass or carbon fiber … are very important elements to further reduce the weight of our car. This way you will be ready to race!


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