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6 Benefits of Branded Local Search Marketing for Performance Automotive Shops

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The automotive industry is very competitive, and you need to find a way to help yourself stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to do that is to use branded local search marketing. The more you can get your name in front of potential customers and clients, the easier it will be for you to get people to visit your local auto parts store.

At the same time, this is easier said than done. There are a lot of performance automotive shops out there, and you need to use branded local search marketing to put yourself at the top of the search results rankings. If you can execute a strong local search marketing strategy, what are some of the benefits you will enjoy?

1. You Can Target People Who Are Ready To Make a Purchase

One of the first benefits of the branded local search marketing strategy is that you will be able to target individuals who are ready to make a purchase. Did you know that close to one in five local smartphone searches result in someone making a purchase within a day? This is significantly higher than individuals who are performing a non-local search.

What this shows is that if someone is looking for a product or service in their specific location, they are probably ready to buy something. For example, if someone is conducting a local search for a specific car part in your area, they are probably ready to make a purchase involving that specific part. If you can get your automotive shop in front of people who are making local searches, you can increase your conversion rate.

2. Local SEO May Get You Into the Google 3-Pack

Of course, a strong local automotive business SEO campaign will help you increase your online visibility, but it may also get you into the coveted Google 3-Pack. This is an area at the top of the Google search results pages for local searches.

The vast majority of people who conduct a local search are going to click on something at the top of the list. If you land in the Google 3-Pack, you might have a picture of your store, your name, your address, your phone number, your hours, and even a few reviews included in your search result. Potential customers will instantly learn more information about your business, and they should be more likely to visit.

3. You Can Generate More Foot Traffic

Just because someone is looking for something online doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to make an online purchase. It is true that a strong local search marketing campaign should generate more organic traffic to your website, but you can also generate more foot traffic. Did you know that close to 80 percent of all local mobile searches result in someone making an offline purchase?

When someone conducts a local search for an auto repair shop in the area, they will take a look at the results, decide which one they want to visit, and then make an appointment. If your automotive repair shop is at the top of the list, one of these local searches could result in a purchase from your establishment. Therefore, having a strong local search marketing strategy can help you generate more foot traffic for your business as well.

4. You Can Expand Your Presence To Other Platforms

When you conduct a local search marketing campaign, you are probably trying to improve your Google search results rankings. Even though this is certainly an important benefit, you can improve your rank and other platforms as well. For example, a strong local SEO campaign can help you improve your ranking on TripAdvisor, Yellow Pages, Yelp, and even Apple Maps.

Some of these platforms, such as Yelp, even allow you to create enhanced listings. This can help you improve your customer relationships, as they may be able to message you directly. You can even create links that can drive potential customers to an appointment booking form, getting more people in the door of your local automotive company. Given that “near me” searches have increased by more than 900 percent in the past two years, this is an important benefit.

5. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

A strong brand of local search marketing campaign should not operate in a vacuum. You should also target your competitors as well. If you find that some of your competitors rank well for certain words and phrases, you may want to go after those terms. If you can get your name ahead of theirs, you may be able to steal some of their customers. This can help you increase your market share in the local area.

6. You Can Increase Your Trustworthiness

Finally, you can increase your trustworthiness with a strong local search marketing campaign. Almost all customers in one survey said that reviews influence their purchases. Customers are more likely to choose your business instead of your competitors if you have strong reviews. Therefore, reviews should be an important part of your branded local search marketing campaign. Your trustworthiness is an important part of your brand identity, so make sure you share positive reviews online. A few examples of platforms you may want to use include Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

Execute a Strong Branded Local Search Marketing Strategy

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits you will enjoy if you execute a strong branded local search marketing strategy for a performance auto shop. Running an automotive business can be challenging, and you may have a lot on your plate. You might not have time to think about your local search marketing strategy, so you may want to reach out to a professional service that can help you.

If you rely on experts to help you manage your digital marketing strategy, you will have more time you can put towards other areas of your business. Furthermore, you will have confidence in your local search marketing strategy because it is being run by experienced professionals.


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