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Which Car Loan Is Best for You?

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Purchasing a car with a loan requires financial commitment and planning. While buying a car is an important decision in any adult’s life, if you buy one on loan, you should be able to pay off the loan on a timely basis. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there has been a 4.7% increase in car finance loans as of May 2021. So, there are more and more people taking a loan to buy a car, and if you’re reading this article, you are most probably thinking of taking a car loan as well.

A car loan is usually a secured loan that is paid over a fixed period. With an abundance of options to fulfill one’s financial requirements, it is best to go for loans that offer you the best deal. Let’s look at some things to keep in mind to help you figure out which car loan is best for you.

1) Look around for the best loan offer

Before deciding about which car loan to go for, you should look around and compare the different offers out there. This is important so that you can negotiate better with the dealer. Be aware of how much you can spend, the interest rate, and the repayment process.

The best car loans in the market are the ones that have good perks for both the lender and the customer. You can find car loans that suit your preferences and compare them against other alternatives on iSelect. Going for a lender that helps you avail the best deal and fits within your budget is a wise decision.

2) Maintain a high credit score

To figure out a way to get a good auto loan, you should always try to maintain a high credit score. Doing this will help you avail of loans with a lower interest rate. A great way to increase your credit score is by reviewing your credit report and guaranteeing its authenticity. Doing so can help rectify any discrepancies that may be present.  You can also maintain a good credit score with the help of timely payments and by never missing out on an EMI payment.

Your credit score can even influence the overall loan amount you’ll be eligible for, along with the rate of interest that you’ll be paying for your EMI’s. With a good credit score, you can improve your overall borrowing loan eligibility. Overall, monitor your credit score regularly to improve your chances for a good car loan.

3) Choose a reasonable interest rate

When looking for a car loan, it is essential to compare the interest rate offered by various lenders. Since interest rates are usually fixed, there is no risk of an increase later on. Hence, while looking for an ideal car loan, you should always compare the interest rates that different lenders offer you. If you decide to buy a used car, you might avoid the interest on the loan.

4) Understand the terms of the loan

The terms of the loan play a crucial role in understanding the repayment process. This includes the duration, amount, and rate of interest of the monthly or annual repayment. While taking a car loan has many benefits, different loan tenures have their pros and cons. For instance, a shorter loan may have a low-interest rate but a higher repayment amount. On the other hand, a longer loan will most probably have a higher interest rate but a low repayment amount.

In Summary

Taking a loan for purchasing a car is a big decision and one that can influence your financial decisions in the future. Going for a car loan that best suits you and your bank balance is essential. Decide what loan to apply for by researching different options before signing on the dotted line.


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