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The Most Common Maintenance Issues Associated with Bentleys

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Every car has its quirks and issues. Even though they are luxury cars, Bentleys are not immune to maintenance issues. To ensure your Bentley keeps running as expected, every Bentley owner needs to be committed to regular repairs and servicing. Whether it is an issue that stems from a manufacturing defect or common problems associated with daily use, every Bentley owner should know what issues to expect so they can explain what is going on to a technician. Here are the most common maintenance issues all Bentley owners should know about.

Rear Bow and Tension Straps Issues

Both of these issues are very common in convertible Bentleys. Any issues with the top will lead to water leaks that might damage the interior. The straps that secure the top and keep it in place can break, while the rear bow can become bowed. This bowing is caused by a tangle in the top’s fabric.

Oil Leaks

Bentleys have been known to leak oil from time to time. This is a serious issue that can cause a cascade of issues such as overheating. If you have a leak in your car, you can get a Bentley Service Tampa from the European Exotic Center. They have qualified and experienced technicians standing by to help you not only with the oil leak, but with any other issues you might have with your Bentley.

Power Steering Leaks

Bentleys have an air suspension system. This system can sometimes have an issue with the suspension. A common sign that you have this issue is one side of the car sitting lower than the other. When this happens, there is a lot of stress and strain on the top mount brushes of the suspension and there is a chance that your suspension system could be damaged, too. To avoid further damage and high repair costs, you should have your Bentley checked out as soon as possible.

Engine Issues

Bentley engines have some issues, with one of the more serious ones being a gasket leak. When doing diagnostics to ensure your engine is in good shape, a technician will also check the vacuum pipes and turbo oil pile for leaks. Other engine issues you might face include a faulty cooling fan, radiator corrosion and coolant contamination.

Electric Window Issues

It is common to hear a hissing sound if the electric window has issues. This hissing sound is an indication that your window will fail soon and is caused by a faulty electric window motor. Bentleys use a complicated system for their electric windows, and this is what makes this issue complicated. Repairing it entails a lot more than swapping out the faulty electric motor.

Besides the electric window, other electric systems can fail in a Bentley. A common issue is different warning lights lighting up when there is no issue with the indicated system. These faulty indicators are caused by an electrical signaling issue.

Bentleys have some common maintenance issues. Regardless of their size and severity, you should always ensure these issues are checked out to avoid further damage and higher repair costs.


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