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Follow These 6 Tips to Make Dirt Biking a Safe Sport

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There are many adventure sports worldwide, and dirt biking is one of them. Dirt biking is the favourite of all the adrenaline junkies who consider biking not only a commute to reach from point A to B but take it as an adventure altogether. It gives you freedom, clarity, and mental stimulation that you may not find in any other sport. But like any other sport, dirt biking, too, includes the risk of injuries and accidents. If you are not properly prepared, the consequences can be catastrophic. 

Dirt bikes are a leading cause of injury in extreme sports because of their low barrier of entry and high-speed crashing potential. Whether you are a novice or experienced, safety should be your number one concern. By keeping yourself and your dirt bike safe, you may continue with this sport for the years to come. 

Below are a few tips to help you stay safe while riding a dirt bike. 

Wear Proper Safety Gear 

First things first! Wearing proper safety gear before you set on the dirt biking ground is more than essential. Ensure that you are wearing a DOT-approved helmet, safety gloves, and appropriate boots before biking. These men and women’s motocross gear minimize the damage caused by an unsuspecting crash. 

Pay special attention to the safety rating on your helmet. A substandard piece of headgear can cause more damage. 

Do Not Ride on Paved Roads 

There are many reasons to avoid riding your dirt bike on paved roads. The suspension system of dirt bikes is usually built differently from road bikes and does not provide the support required for traveling long distances on hard surfaces. 

These bikes are not designed for blacktop or gravel and may wear out faster in long-term road use. It can also be hazardous without traction and put you under a threat of accident or injury. Besides this, riding on paved roads also leads to visibility issues. 

Inspect your Bike Before Riding 

Do not always assume that your bike is safe to ride. Because of the heavy-duty nature of dirt biking, your bike may often develop mechanical issues that aren’t apparent right after a ride. 

We suggest you inspect your bike properly before taking it on the road and ensure that it remains in tip-top shape. 

Do Not Go Beyond your Ability 

Tackling expert-level trails while dirt biking may look tempting, but trying out these tracks and obstacles beyond your ability can be a daunting experience. Not only is it tiring, but it also brings many dangerous elements. 

You may block the path for other dirt bikers, hesitate at an obstacle at the last minute or attempt a manoeuvre incorrectly, leading to serious injuries. Always stay on designated trails. 

Choose the Right Bike 

Dirt bikes come in different shapes and sizes, and so do the riders. Thus, choosing a bike that has the right size for you is essential. It ensures better control and handling all the time. If you ride a large bike, you may hinder control and steering and expose yourself to injuries and accidents. 

As a general thumb rule, if you cannot reach all the bike’s controls, it is too big for you, and you should ditch riding the same. 

Service the Bike Regularly 

In many cases, your daily bike inspection may miss a hidden problem. Full mechanical service may help identify the issues with your dirt bike that may result in unsafe or dangerous riding. Depending on how often you take your bike on the road, get it serviced regularly. 

It is good to have your bike looked over by a specialist or mechanic every six months to keep it in good condition. 


Nothing puts you or your bike at risk of accident or injury when you follow the above-listed dirt biking safety tips. Thus, take these points seriously and ride safely. 


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