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Police Emergency Lights Demonstrate the Ultra Bright Power of LEDs

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Closeup of Police Lights on Dark Street at Night

In the past several years, you may have taken notice of how bright some of the new lights found on modern vehicle headlights and police and emergency vehicles. Well, those lights consist of modern LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Modern-day LEDs are brighter than ever, and they are more efficient where they use considerably less power than older incandescent lights. Not to mention, LEDs last longer proving their durability and reliability when it counts on emergency vehicles.

LEDs found to be used as police emergency lights are probably among the most noticeable LEDs on new vehicles apart from being equipped as headlights on many new vehicles. The police emergency lights and those used on emergency vehicles like ambulances are among the brightest LEDs we find on the road and that’s on purpose.

When a police emergency vehicle is required to gain the attention of traffic, they need the proper equipment outside of their loud sirens. Used in just about every new police vehicle are new LEDs that are super bright and found in a variety of colors to meet the requirements of local law enforcement agencies. Those colors are commonly blue, red, bright white, and sometimes amber or yellow color. Surprisingly, those colors are not just color-tinted glass, it’s the actual color of the LED that’s emitted directly from the diode thus making the light brighter and more noticeable, which equates to a safer environment.

We often see vehicles use bright LED light bars, commonly found on off-roading vehicles like Jeeps or ATVs. Those light bars utilize similar technology in their LED arrays and configurations to that of police emergency lights. New LED technology has afforded us a method of shining a brighter light than ever before on the road ahead and used in other setups to alert the public of an emergency vehicle.

LED lights are now among the brightest type of lights we can find surpassing most incandescent lights, HID (high intensity discharge) lights, and any type of fluorescent light. The next time you see the police with their emergency lights on (hopefully they aren’t pulling you over) you’ll know that the lighting bar or lighting array is using today’s LED technology, which is among the brightest in history.


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