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These Advances in Auto Technology Are Designed to Prevent Collisions

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Despite the inherent danger of driving on the road and the risk of collisions on the road, millions of people get on the road and drive from place to place. Accidents between both cars and cars and vehicles and pedestrians are on the rise. However, automotive designers are continuing to create new technological advances to prevent collisions and accidents, and it is worth keeping an eye on them!

Here are some growing features that are preventing accidents on the road today!

Lane Keeping Assistance

It can be because of road fatigue, distraction, or simply an accident, but drifting out of your lane and into another can be a massive cause of accidents. Lane keeping assistance features do everything from pinging you whenever you drift to keep you alert, to gently course correcting you and moving you back into the correct lane. 

Most lane keeping features use a lane departure camera or some infrared sensors. These detect when the driver is crossing the centerline of the road, and then move to course correct. 

These features can be very helpful on long car trips, but if the road markings are covered by snow or debris, or the road just doesn’t have any lane lines, the feature doesn’t work as intended. 

Automatic Emergency Braking System

Even if humans have a very fast reaction time, it can always be faster. Often dangerous situations and scenarios on the road will rely on reactions that only take a millisecond to respond to. And that milliseconds can be the difference between safety and tragedy. 

If the car detects that you are in danger of striking an obstruction on the road, then the automatic emergency braking system will trigger automatically and stop the car without any input from the driver,

Like lane keeping assistance features, these braking systems rely on radar sensors and cameras to detect obstructions and stop the car. Now, they can’t detect everything, but most systems are able to detect pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

Automatic Parking Systems

While many people tend to think that collisions are done only on the road, plenty of collisions have happened while in the parking lot. While these are often fender benders or tiny scrapes, they can still lead to damage to the vehicles, the property, and the pedestrians involved. 

Many cars have automatic parking systems that can either park the car for you, or can take over the steering wheel while you control the gas and the brake pedals. It can be a very handy feature if you find yourself unconfident of your abilities to get inside of a tight parking space.

What If You Get Involved In A Collision?

Of course, no piece of technology is 100% protective, and nothing will ever completely erase the risk of being involved in a car crash with another vehicle or pedestrian. If you get involved in a collision, your first priority is to make sure that everyone is okay. 

Once any injuries are assessed, you can exchange insurance information with the other driver and take pictures of the damage to your car.

Additionally, write down any information you can about the other car involved in the accident, but don’t admit fault (even if it clearly was your fault.) Instead, the next big step you need to do is to call a car accident lawyer and schedule a free consultation. Presenting the facts of the case to your lawyer and giving them everything they need during the free consultation will give them more momentum as they start fighting for your case.

They will work to get you the money that you deserve and fight for you both during the settlement and in court if necessary. Just make sure to get the best lawyer you can and then give them as much information as you can when you get started. 

Your lawyers will do the rest when it comes to analyzing the accident and determining how they can help you and get you a fair settlement to cover the damages sustained during the accident.

Don’t Become Reliant On Technology

It can be very easy to let car driving become something that is automated, where you rely on the technology to tell you when you need to pay attention and avoid good driving practices. While the increased advances in automotive technology are making cars easier and safer to drive, you can’t fully give yourself over to them.

Make sure to follow good driving habits, keep yourself healthy on long road trips, and pay attention to the road and the constantly changing conditions while driving. Then you and the tech in your car can work together to get to your next destination safely and reduce the chances of a collision even smaller.


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