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Read This If You’ve Been Involved in A Semi-Truck Collision

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Collision of a semi truck with box trailer a passenger car on the highway road, as a result of which both cars were damaged, await the arrival of the police to draw up an accident report

Being involved in a semi-truck accident is not something you can prepare for and will hopefully never have to live through. However, accidents happen, and you may be dealing with injuries after such an accident without knowing how to proceed. Read on to find out the first steps you should take after your accident and why you might need help with a truck accident lawsuit.

Stay at the Scene of the Accident

If your injuries allow you to do so, stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and write an accident report. It is not only to your benefit to stay, it is a criminal violation not to report the incident, especially if there are people who are injured or have been killed in the accident. If you are injured, do not move around too much because you do not want to aggravate your injuries. If anyone needs an ambulance, call 911.

Exchange Information

Without divulging information on the limits and coverage of your insurance policy, find out the truck driver’s information. Write down their name, address, phone number, and email. Get their insurance information and all data regarding the truck, including make, year, and model. Ask them about the trucking company they work for and make a note of the place where the accident took place.

Document the Scene

Take pictures of both vehicles, their damage, and their position on the road. Photograph anything that may have played a role in the accident, such as the weather or debris on the road. If there are any witnesses, talk to them and ask them for their contact information should you need to contact them in the future if there is a lawsuit.

Get a Medical Checkup

Even if you think you may not be injured or believe that your injuries are minor, get a medical checkup as soon as possible after the accident. You may have injuries that are not obvious, and not taking care of them may have consequences. Make sure the doctor confirms that your injuries are the result of the accident. Follow all your doctor’s instructions and take care of your health.

Stay Away from Social Media

If you are planning on filing a claim against the truck driver or the trucking company, do not post pictures of yourself on social media, particularly not those where you seem to be uninjured or unaffected by the accident. Anything you post may be used against you in a court of law.

Talk to a Truck Accident Attorney

Claims against truck drivers and trucking companies can be quite complicated, so you need someone who knows the law and can guide you through this process. Your lawyer can investigate the crash and build a strong case for your defense.


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