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Top Things To Consider Before Getting an EV

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While it might once have been seen as something of a fringe concern, electric car ownership is on the rise and when the new legislation kicks in by 2030, electric cars will finally be the rule rather than the exception. But if you’re thinking of getting in on the ground floor right now, there are a few things you might want to consider before ditching your petrol or diesel car and going fully electric for the first time.

The benefits of having an EV

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of powering your car with electricity rather than fossil fuels, there are a range of financial and quality of life benefits too. Generally speaking, EVs are smoother and steadier to drive and are whisper quiet. They are also cheaper to run with no road tax or fuel costs to consider and zero congestion charges to worry about. You might even be able to get a grant towards installing a charger in your home.

Costs and maintenance

While all electric cars will be cheaper to maintain than petrol or diesel cars, they will often be more expensive as an initial purchase. That also means, however, that they will also have a higher resale value and are more likely to hold their value in the coming years. Not all are made equal though, with some EVs more costly to purchase and maintain than others. Tesla, for example, is considered a luxury brand and comes with prices to match, whereas you could pick up a second-hand electric Vauxhall car in Luton for less than £20,000.

Does it meet your needs?

The current generation of electric cars can run for over 200 miles on a single charge, which means the worry about running out of charge on the motorway is less than it once was. However, if you are looking at older EVs then you might want to ensure it can meet your range needs before putting any money down. You also need to decide if it’s spacious enough for you and your family and is comfortable to drive. Always book a test drive before making a final decision. You also need to consider the charging situation. If you don’t have a charging point at home, is there one nearby you could use?

New or used?

The first thing you need to consider when deciding on your new electric car is if you have the budget for a factory fresh model. You could always lease the car but then it never really belongs to you. Though it does mean you’ll have to stop worrying about depreciation. Second-hand is often a more economical choice and EV batteries can last up to 20 years so mileage isn’t as much of an issue as it is with petrol and diesel cars.


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