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Mercedes-Benz Surfs on the Latest SUV Wave with the All-New GLC Coupe

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We all know that SUVs have dominated the automotive market. This body style associates characteristics of many other styles into only one, which has been a dream in this industry. However, all trends have a life cycle, so we are currently experiencing an interesting change.

Over the past few years, this trend has spawned the variation of coupé SUVs. In short, they have a lower roofline, sportier design, and more powerful engine options. Here, Mercedes-Benz is ticking all the boxes with the brand new GLC Coupé and its standard AMG body kit.

What is a coupe SUV?

We know that this term may be confusing at a first look. Contradictory too, since ‘coupe’ is a term associated with speed and agility, while SUVs are big and heavy. However, combining them turned out to produce quite an interesting result. It has become a global market trend.

As you can see, the GLC Coupe uses a slanted roofline that ends on a trunk spoiler. It is also slightly lower and offers sportier suspension tuning. The goal is to concentrate true sporty offerings in this model while the regular GLC focuses on rational features like a roomy cabin.

Having that in mind, it is not a matter of declaring one better than the other. They are quite different, so each one is suitable to a different audience. The coupe is perfect for making an entrance at a fancy restaurant, while the SUV is appropriate for family trips with everyone.

How does it look like?

The official pictures released so far show a stronger and sleeker appearance than before. It is no longer only a version of the regular GLC; the Coupe is now carving its own image. You can see that on the aggressive front end, that low-slung roofline, and the beautiful AMG wheels.

Yes, that coupe design implies a smaller internal space, especially at the trunk and for heads. However, the model is still roomier than its predecessor. This car is definitely appropriate for people who do not usually drive with many others in the cabin and have an urban life style.

In the cabin, it is refreshing to see that Mercedes-Benz did not apply the Hyperscreen. While the three-screen layout is impressive at first, it does make the dashboard convoluted. Here, this pair of independent screens bring less brightness and information popping at our eyes.

Are there any special features?

Of course! The panoramic sunroof became even larger, which causes a striking impact on its external style and on the cabin insulation. The infotainment system was upgraded and now features the Mercedes Burmester 3D audio system with 710 W and 15 speakers as standard.

You will also find a clean-looking dashboard with the freestanding 11.9” touchscreen paired to the 12.3” digital gauge cluster. The coupe SUV uses the latest version of the infotainment system named MBUX, which has improved overall functions and smartphone connectivity.

As usual, Mercedes-Benz started with pictures of the AMG Line version. This is a tuning kit that comes with visual upgrades such as larger air intakes on the bumpers, a Panamericana radiator grille, and 19” AMG rims. That package will be standard for US-spec units of the car.

What about the powertrain?

The European lineup is fully made with electrified options. You will find four mild-hybrid and three plug-in hybrid ones. Basically, the powertrain is the same in each of those groups, but offers different levels of output. The strongest option generates 375 hp of combined power.

In the first group, you can get up to 201 hp with gasoline and 194 hp with diesel. If you opt for the plug-In versions, those 375 hp comes from the gasoline layout, while the diesel one reaches 328 hp. Keep in mind that we are yet to see tech specs of the top-tier AMG version.

All those options bring a sporty setting for suspension and steering, standard all-wheel drive, and upgraded ADAS just like the SUV version of the model. The North-American version will have fewer options, but the design package with those beautiful AMG rims will surely come.

What can we expect of this car?

First of all, it will refresh the direct rivalry with the BMW X4. Both appear in the segment of compact coupe SUVs, which is expected to be even more competitive in the next years. It is nice to see that BMW invented coupe SUVs while Mercedes built the first four-door coupe.

Market-wise, the GLC Coupe will sell as the emotional and extroverted counterpart to the regular SUV. As we have mentioned, this model is focused on an urban lifestyle; it is a coupe that features a taller seating position and a more imposing design than the CLS, for example.

While Mercedes-Benz has recently announced the nearing end of many of its current lines, rest assured that this one is safe. Not only are SUVs still dominating the market, but also the coupe variations are earning more space in the market. This Coupe will be a great purchase.

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