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Cadillac Escalade IQ Announced to Join EV Lineup

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Cadillac has officially announced the name of its upcoming electric SUV, which will be called the Escalade IQ. The new Escalade IQ will be one of the very first entries into the electrification of a large luxury SUV, eventually taking the place of the current gas-burning Escalade.

Speculation about the name had been circulating since General Motors trademarked “Escalade IQ” and “Escalade IQL” in 2021. To accompany the confirmation, Cadillac has released a teaser image showcasing a close-up of the electric model’s badge.

While further details about the Escalade IQ are still under wraps, including an official reveal date, a badge image from Cadillac accompanying the announcement further emphasis the reality of the electric vehicle movement. Earlier this year, Cadillac Vice President Rory Harvey revealed that three new electric models would debut in 2023, and it is widely expected that the Escalade IQ will be one of them. This implies that the vehicle will likely be a 2024 model, as all three new EVs are set to arrive in the same model year, according to a Cadillac spokesperson.

Although specific information about the Escalade IQ is currently scarce, it is highly likely that the vehicle will utilize GM’s advanced Ultium battery technology. If it follows in the footsteps of the GMC Hummer EV SUV, the Escalade IQ could feature a battery capacity of around 177 kWh and be powered by three electric motors producing 830 horsepower or possibly even more. Given its size and luxury status, the Escalade IQ will almost certainly weigh over four tons.

Cadillac is anticipated to unveil the Escalade IQ later this year. The electrification of Cadillac’s flagship SUV, known for its commanding presence and opulent features, marks a significant step in the brand’s transition toward an electric future.


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