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2024 Chevrolet Camaro Collector’s Edition Marks End of the Road for Chevy Pony Car

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In 2024, the Chevrolet Camaro will bid farewell to its production line with a special edition known as the Collector’s Edition. This final iteration of the Camaro doesn’t feature the anticipated power upgrade, but it does pay homage to the sports car’s rich history by referencing the original 1967 model’s code name, “Panther.”

The Collector’s Edition is offered across all Camaro trims, ranging from the V6 LT to the supercharged V8 ZL1. Embracing the panther theme, the exterior of the car is adorned with Panther Black paint. The LT through SS trims receive a gloss metallic finish, while the ZL1 boasts a matte variant, marking the first time a factory matte paint option is available for the Camaro. Additionally, black stripes and black wheels come as standard, while the LT through SS models have the option of polished forged alloy wheels. Notably, the fender badges feature the silhouette of a panther in the “R,” and a panther badge graces the steering wheel.

The Collector’s Edition also brings some notable enhancements. All models receive 1LE front spoilers, and the LT through SS trims are equipped with the ZL1 rear spoiler. As for the ZL1, it receives the ZL1 1LE rear wing. However, these rear spoiler and wing upgrades are not available for convertible models. Chevy sweetens the deal by including two posters as a bonus for all models—one showcasing the different Camaro generations and the other specifically featuring the Collector’s Edition.

For the ZL1 Collector’s Edition, there are additional exclusive features. Only 350 units will be produced, each boasting a unique serial number badge. Furthermore, buyers of the ZL1 Collector’s Edition will receive a matching Shinola Canfield Sport 45-mm watch.

Ordering for all 2024 Camaro models will commence on June 15 with the least expensive Collector’s Edition, the 1LT, starting at $39,440, including the $1,950 RS pack. Moving on to the 1SS Collector’s Edition pack, the upgrade comes with a higher price of $5,995. The ZL1 version of the Camaro stands as the most expensive option, priced at $88,690. If one wishes to include the ZL1 pack, an additional cost of $14,995 is incurred. It’s important to note that the mentioned prices for the ZL1 version do not include the gas guzzler tax, which is applicable due to the car’s powerful 650-horsepower engine.

The production of this Camaro generation is expected to conclude in January, making it a slightly shorter model year than usual. Coincidentally, the end of Camaro production aligns with the conclusion of production for the Dodge Charger and Challenger in December. This marks the final year for two of Detroit’s renowned sporting machines. While Chevrolet has hinted at the possibility of a future Camaro successor with a similar name, and Dodge has unveiled the Charger Daytona electric concept, for the foreseeable future, the Ford Mustang will be the sole remaining affordable front-engine sports car from the United States.


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