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6 Tips for Anyone Selling a Luxury Car

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Most luxury car owners never think about a day when selling up is the only option, but sometimes life has other plans, like starting a family, or you’re simply ready for an upgrade. No matter what the circumstances, you need to understand how to sell a luxury car first because it’s not as simple as throwing an ad on Facebook Marketplace.

Know the Market

When you’re selling a luxury car, you’re talking to a small selection of vehicle owners – the ones with plenty of money to burn. Therefore, before deciding to list your luxury car, you need to understand where luxury car buyers hang out. You can find out this information with a little research online, including industry experts such as We Buy Exotics, or you can start talking to car enthusiasts in your network.

Have the Car Valuated

If you’ve decided to sell your vehicle privately, you need to make sure you and the buyer aren’t being ripped off. Therefore, you should have a third-party company evaluate your car. For example, if you want to sell your used Lamborghini Urus, you may be better off contacting a company committed to purchasing Lamborghinis because they’ll understand the true value of your vehicle.

The Final Sale Price is Flexible

Your luxury car might not sell for the value you set. For example, some luxury car buyers are willing to spend well over the retail price for the right vehicle. Therefore, instead of attempting to set a price, you should consider putting it up for auction to see who bites. After all, if it doesn’t meet the reserve then your car won’t sell, which means it’s relatively risk-free.

Clean Your Car Before Selling

Luxury car owners are passionate about motors, and they won’t be willing to buy a filthy secondhand model. Therefore, you need to ensure that your car is spotlessly clean before putting it up for sale. If your budget allows, we recommend hiring a professional valet service, which will guarantee the interior and exterior are sparkling.

Include Free Extras

If you have items that came with your car or that you’ve bought over time, you should consider including them in the sale for free. For example, if you paid for custom plates, you should consider signing them over with the car sale. When you make potential buyers feel like they’re getting more for their money, you’re more likely to make a sale.

Offer Payment Plans

If you’re attempting to secure a high sale price for your beloved vehicle, then consider offering layaway plans. This way, you can clear out your luxury car while getting a decent price, with the buyer having more time to make their payments. If you set the plan up properly, you won’t need to sign over ownership until the final payments have been made.

Selling a luxury car involves navigating a niche market and understanding the true value of your vehicle. To boost the chances of securing a high sale, the car must be clean and consider including any additional accessories.


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